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Healthy cities CZ

This is some illustrative information, links and activities from Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic Network presented in English. For all the other information please use the Google Translate Toolbar (down on the left side on the Czech home page).

Inspiration in Quality of Housing and Built Environment at the Healthy Cities General Assembly on 19 April 2016

The Healthy Cities General Assembly, which took place on 19 April 2016 at Prague City Hall, was preceded by an inspirational discussion meeting held by the Czech Healthy Cities Network in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture, Housing Quality Centre and with the attendance of the Czech Chamber of Architects. The encounter entitled “Quality of Housing and Built Environment" brought together 80 participants interested in this issue.
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Evaluation of Sustainable Development of Cities in Switzerland and Czech Republic – Sharing Experiences

In March 2015, the Czech Healthy Cities representatives held a meeting with their long-term Swiss partners from the organisation of Equiterre, including a representative from the canton of Geneva. The three-day encounter was devoted to sharing experiences in monitoring of sustainable development indicators at local and national levels and to practical impact assessment of municipal projects on sustainable development. Apart from the Czech National Network of Healthy Cities Office, there were also representatives from the Environment Center of Charles University and the Healthy City of Litomerice.
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Local Agenda 21 in a New Format. Free Download of LA21 Brochure

Local Agenda 21 (LA21) is a progressive method and a tool for managing the quality of public administration. It helps cities, municipalities and regions to apply the sustainable development principles at local and regional levels. In cooperation with the public and local partners (NGOs, schools, businesses), it aims to ensure the quality of development of a particular place, and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services provided by local authorities to its citizens. It is focused not only on the inside of the local authority (quality of strategic planning and management, efficient use of finances) but primarily on the outside (systematic public involvement, continuous communication, open sharing of experience etc.). In accordance with the activities of the LA21 Working Group of the Government Council for Sustainable Development, Healthy Cities has prepared a new and user-friendly publication to accompany this tool. It is also possible to find basic information regarding various LA21 categories monitoring the quality of municipalities´ procedures, including detailed description of criteria.
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In 2015 National Healthy Cities Network increased its membership by a record number

The National Healthy Cities Network has grown significantly recently. This is a record increase in interest in membership in the association, the highest ever since 2006. In 2015, the association increased its membership by 16 cities, municipalities towns and municipal districts, including membership of other two municipalities, which will be effective from January 2016. The number of the association´s members amounted to 129 in total with a regional influence over 2642 cities and municipalities with 6,074 million of inhabitants living there (57 % of the population in the Czech republic).
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Opening of the Sustainable Development Gallery

At the end of 2015, we launched a specialized online database of the Czech Healthy Cities Network providing information about 11 topics of sustainable development entitled “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GALLERY”. Here you will find interesting inspirations from cities and municipalities – best practice examples and short inspirations, references to themes included in strategies and documents, specialized sustainable development audits – for the present a trial basis from Litomerice and Chrudim, and contacts and links to other Czech and foreign information sources.
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Healthy Cities, Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility – All under a Single Roof

In September 2015, Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic (HCCZ) became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, the largest platform of corporate sustainability in the world operating under the auspices of the UN. The network includes more than 13,000 organizations (of which 8,500 are companies) in 165 countries all over the world. In individual countries, this platform is represented by individual national networks. In the Czech Republic, the Association of Corporate Social Responsibility (A-CSR) functions as the UN Global Compact host organization.
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Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic has Officially Joined the Quality Charter

The Quality Charter of the Czech Republic is based upon the European Quality Charter. In it, the European Union declared its conviction that quality is the determining factor for achieving success in the global economy. Quality is an undisputable measure of effectiveness and determines not only the degree of company competitiveness but also the position of national economies in the world and the standard of living of their citizens.
As of September 2015, there are more than one hundred Signatories to the Charter in Czech Rep. that include companies, firms, universities or ministries as well as municipalities: cities, districts of Prague and professional associations operating within the public administration.
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European Mobility Week: This Year under the Slogan “CHOOSE. CHANGE. COMBINE.”


Healthy cities, municipalities and regions are at it again. This year, the “EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK” (16th – 22nd of September) campaign is on the theme of multimodality – with the slogan “Choose. Change. Combine.” European Mobility Week and the Do the Right Mix campaign are being combined to support sustainable urban mobility. The aim of the combination is to expand and complement the established format of the European Mobility Week with a year-round activity and create a unified online community aimed at promoting sustainable urban transportation in Europe. The merged campaigns will adopt the name and logo “Do the Right Mix” and the European Mobility Week will remain as an annual highlight of activities.

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“Feeling Maps” – A New Service of the National Network of Healthy Cities


From September of this year, the HCCZ Association offers a new service free of charge to its members – the so-called “feeling map”. It will emerge in cooperation with the Palacký University in Olomouc (PUO) within the framework of the Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Regions public forum. “Feeling maps have enormous power to present spatial information in an understandable and widely accepted form. Feeling maps bring the possibility to actively involve citizens in the collection of information as well as opinions on the locality in which they live. The idea comes from the concept GeoParticipate – a term which describes the utilization of spatial instruments in the involvement of citizens in the decision-making process that concerns them. Most often it involves decision-making about a public space, but it can also involve sharing information or feelings about the neighborhood in which they live,” informs Mgr. Jiří Pánek (PUO) on the PocitoveMapy.cz website.

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The LA21 profile enables cities to mutually compare and inspire each other


The results of the quality method of the Local Agenda 21 (LA21) are already being presented by cities, municipalities and regions for a number of years in the LA21 Database. Up to now, however, it was not possible to effectively compare the practice of individual implementers of LA21 and be inspired. HCCZ has therefore prepared the “LA21 Profile”. It is a unique instrument, which will enable a clear comparison of many factors that consequently have an influence on local quality of life.

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The European Healthy Cities Networks present themselves in a new WHO publication


In the summer months of 2015 a new publication of the World Health Organization (WHO) was published on the topic of national networks of Healthy cities in the European region – National Healthy Cities Networks in the WHO European Region, promoting health and well-being throughout Europe.

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Inspirations from Abroad: Sustainable Development Is a Sign of Quality of Cities in Switzerland


On July 5 to July 7, 2015, representatives of the HCCZ office took part in a study trip to Lausanne, Switzerland, where they exchanged experiences from the implementation of sustainable development of cities and regions in practice with their long-term professional partners from the Equiterre Association. Thanks to support from the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Program, the cooperation that began several years ago is continuing.

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